First Dibs: Is George Clooney Getting Married?!?

First Dibs: Is George Clooney Getting Married?!?
[US Magazine]. Which hot hunk posed for a bunch of photos as a female? The Gossip Table fills you in! … Apparently, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz would go “boozing,” and Kate Upton would wear tight pants. [MTV News]. [Photo Credit: Getty Images].
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HS baseball: Pine tar a non-issue in high school
The hard-throwing lefty kept his hand warm the old-fashion way, with hand-warmers and by blowing into his fist. "I've never even tried pine tar," … Once a pitcher moistens his hand, he must wipe off that hand on his pants or jersey. "Would a kid, if …

Cat Harvey: Rummage through a lady's handbag at your own risk gentlemen but
On our radio show, we had an impromptu raid of the female bags. My most random items were a kazoo (always!) and a print-out of quirky facts about the Falkirk Wheel. Our newsreader Alison was slightly more sheepish as her toothbrush and clean pants were …
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