This one is for the ladies

This one is for the ladies
I know so many women, not just myself, who go through this time and time again. How do guys get away with carrying everything in just their pockets? Granted men's pants have larger pockets than women's pants, but men's pockets are never bulging full or …
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Woman accused of robbing man who called her seeking sex
The pants-less man chased after both women as they ran outside, but he was confronted by a man who placed an object, possibly a knife, against his chest, the report said. All three suspects fled from the scene in a green Ford Explorer, police said.
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Animating BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth to foster emotional connections
Putting her in pants wasn't an option because in the time period BioShock Infinite draws from, women wore specific kinds of dresses. Pants or a tinier skirt wouldn't work. When developing Elizabeth for the downloadable content Burial at Sea, animators …
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