Two groups provide dresses for proms

Two groups provide dresses for proms
The 600-700 prom dresses have been donated by local young women, mothers, grandmothers and church groups. Dresses come in all sizes, styles and colors. There are even 13 wedding dresses available and a few suit jackets and pants for teenage boys.
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Women come together every week in Stevensville to heal aches and pains
Before you know it, your pants start dragging on the ground. Each and every Thursday, in the basement of Stevensville's Kohl Building, a group of women aged 60-something to the other side of 80 come together to fight back against those elderly woes.
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Brazilian waxing and the 'Clooney triad'
To protect his identity, I'll call him George Clooney – because if the world was truly just and the rules for medical registration were written by women, all doctors would look like Dr Doug in ER (if your preferred medico-fantasy is that Grey's Anatomy …
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